KASOSPOL UPDATE: When, Where, and Why You Can Kill Your Baby (Vol.2, No.1)

dalam Kasospol Update

Olivia Wilde, an actress famous for her act on a television series House MD posted a video on YouTube with a baby inside her belly at that time saying “It’s everyone’s right to decide when, where, and why they can have a baby.” Hiding behind the saying of “reproductive right” it’s really scary to watch that one minute before having a baby, as you are going to have a child you are thinking “boy will it be great if I can still kill this thing?” The euphemism of abortion around the world has arise, the never ending debate whether it is right or wrong is still on going. The left and right has their own view on this particular subject and as a conservative I will show you when can you kill a baby, where you can kill a baby, and why you can kill a baby.

Hillary Clinton, a former US president candidate publicly said that you can kill a baby all the way up to exactly one minute before the baby is outside the womb, when thebaby is already fully form as a human being, and has his or her own right to live. It isdespicable to even think that you can kill a human being for your own convenient; babyis not a ball of tissue or cluster of cell. If you are thinking that way, shall we play a game? It’s called “When can you kill a baby?” Is it week 14? When the blood already pumping to the heart? Is it week 10? When babies nail already begin to grow and their teeth are forming? Or even day 22? When their heart is already beating? It’s maybe different from the mother’s blood type. You see, a baby is a human with a full right to live, you can’t decide when a person should live or die.

You will be charged on a first degree murder if you kill a baby outside the womb, so should you kill a baby inside the womb? I will tell you the mechanism of the despicable act of killing a baby. Abortion consist of putting knife inside a woman’s womb to snap or cut the neck of a baby, the act of snipping the babies skull, and lastly sucking their brains out of the womb. From the data above about the process of the babies growth, knowing the fact that the baby can even kick you to inform that they are already alive inside the womb, can you kill a baby if it is still inside the womb? I don’t think so.

You get to choose a lot of things in live but choosing why a baby has to die is not your task. If you restrict a baby’s right to live you are no different with the people who held slave to ensure they work for them and controlling every aspect of their live. You are no different with Nazis that held Jews on their concentration camp just because they like it. It is a great sin on the morality when we kill the most innocent among us. It is legal now to do an abortion but that are a lot of things that is evil even if it’s legal.

It is the lowest point of morality when you agree that people can decide when, where, and why they can do an abortion. Hiding behind the reproductive right doesn’t do it. Hiding behind the convenient and choice of a mother also don’t do it. To conclude this, I have a stake in whether my neighbor got murdered and I have a stake in whether my neighbor’s babies got murdered too. It is our responsibility to educate people around us about the never ending debate which is abortion.


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Enrico Christian, Political Science 2017

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