dalam Berita Kita


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  • Atnike Nova Sigiro (The Critique of Women and Family Welfare in Indonesia)-PERPOL
  • Barry Buzan (People, States and Fear National Security Problem in International Relations)-GEOPOL
  • Creswell (Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, dan Mixed Method [EDISI TERJEMAHAN] ) – PPP
  • Dankwart A. Rostow (Comparative Politics)-BANPOL
  • Dennis R. Judd and Todd (City Politics: The Political Economy of Urban America), POLKOT, EKOPOL
  • Fazlhashemi (Faith or Reason: The Shi’ite Tradition of Political Ideas in the Light of the Theological Debate)- PPIS
  • Hans Keman (Comparative democratic politics a guide to contemporary theory and research)- BANPOL
  • Jeffrey A. Winters (Oligarki)-Ekopol
  • Jerome Delli P. ( Participation Consensus and Conflict Training Management Training Course)- KONKON
  • Jim Rofle (The Asia-Pacific : A Region in Transition)-BANPOL
  • Michael Edward (The Oxford Handbook of Civil Society)-SPI
  • Michael Moran, Martin Rein, Robert E. Goodin (The Oxford Handbook of Public Policy)-PKP
  • Michael Sandel (Justice : What’s the Right Thing To Do)- PPK
  • Micheline R. Ishay (The History of Human Rights from Ancient Times to the Globalization Era) – HAM
  • Raymond Kuhn and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen (Political Journalism in Transition: Western Europe in Comparative Politics)- EROBAR, BANPOL
  • Richard Ullman (Redefining Security)-GEOPOL
  • Siti Nuraini (Hubungan Kekuasaan Elit Pemerintahan Desa) -POLDES